IPE Deck Custom Cedar Pergola wire railing Franklin Brentwood Tennessee Tn Multi-Level Gate Hot Tub

IPE Decks

Ipê, pronounced e-pay, is a South American hardwood with characteristics similar to other equatorial woods, such as teak. It is a strong, dense wood that is natrually oily, making it an ideal surface for outdoor decks and pergola surfaces. Commonly referred to as "ironwood", ipê resists checking, cracking and warping. You can achieve a flawless look with our hidden fastener system, but the wood also accepts screws well. Ipê is often stained and/or sealed, but some prfer to let it age natrually in the sun, achieving a grayer look over the years.

Deck Designs of Brentwood is proud to offer some of the finest ipê wood in Tennessee. We source our wood directly from a mill in South America, and because we control the lumber milling process, we are able to offer a consistent product that will stand the test of time. Deck Designs of Brentwood offers the wood to our residential and commercial clients. Recent installations include numerous private properties in and around Nashville, as well as commercial jobs in Tennessee and Missouri. Request a Free Estimate